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Charcuterie Chic started from a spark that was lit during quarantine and became a reality in August 2020. During 2020 Co-founder Farah noticed an up-trend in unique gift ideas and stumbled upon someone doing something similar on the West Coast. She knew that this was something that was needed in Philadelphia. After weeks of not knowing what to do with the idea, she nonchalantly brought it up to Sarah, and she instantly fell in love with the concept.  Next thing you know they were purchasing an LLC and learning the ins and outs of how to start a company. Both Farah and Sarah already worked together on the Marketing team for Fashion District Philadelphia, and they shared a love for not only Fashion but also food. Charcuterie Chic is just THAT! Where Charcuterie meets Chic, where fashion meets food.


We quickly learned that it was much more than that. Food has always brought people together and it just so happened that these little boxes were bringing something new and exciting to people. Whether you're buying a box to just snack on during quarantine or you are buying it for someone that you can't physically be with, Charcuterie Chic has brought people closer, during these unprecedented times. It has also opened up a new world for us, a community of entrepreneurs and small business owners. We have been received with open arms in the Philly community and have made great connections with other entrepreneurs that have shared tips or even partnered with us. We have also felt the love from our customers, who have purposely bought from us in order to support a new locally women owned business. Philly tends to get a bad rep of people being "not so nice" but we have felt nothing from love from this small city and are so grateful for everyone who has played a role in our success.

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